My Midnight Stalker

When I was young, I had my entire life planned and knew exactly what I wanted out of it. I especially knew what type of mother I would be. "I am not going to allow my child to sleep in my bed; I WILL NOT get into that habit"~ a vow of mine prior to my firstborn.

Then it happened- I become a parent and all of my opinions went out the window..................

It doesn't take place often; but once in a while when I am fast asleep, I feel a face starring at me. Sometimes it is a sad face, other times a tired "mommy I just need to be by your side” face. Regardless of the type of expression I receive, during the midnight hour I am weak.

I am exhausted, I am delusional, and most of all I am lazy. My first attempt is to put the midnight stalker back into his or her bed. Somehow, someway they always find their way back to my bedside with big droopy eyes and a dopey smile. My heart then sinks when they softly whisper "mommy can I please sleep with you?"

Before I can say no, my stalkers arms embrace me and their head is nuzzled into my share of the pillow. I usually lie there for amount, reflecting on my vow. My stalker then let's out a content sigh and a soft whimper in the silent night. My heart melts.

How long will this last? I could easily wait until they fall asleep and whisk them back to their beds before they ever knew they had left. But I am tired and I too find myself just as content. Before long I begin to fall asleep in my child's embrace- reflecting on how they bring me such joy. 

Will this last forever? No. Before I know it my children will be taking every possibly moment not to spend with me. I also take this time (which seem to revolve between the three children) as an additional moment to bond with my children on an individual basis.

Is it against what the “experts” suggest? Of course it is! But those experts had mothers too; and I am sure they stood by their mother’s bedside at one time or another asking to cuddle while they fell asleep in the middle of the night.

Has this become a habit in my house? No- and I even began to accept my midnight stalkers slumber requests.

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  1. there is something so special about your child curling up beside you. Melts your heart, well, at least mine ;)
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  2. I so agree with you. When mine were about 2 they both went through this stage of showing up in the middle of the night. I secretly loved it :) Its true...before you know it they won't do it anymore.

  3. Love your post..I too am the same way. My little girl wakes up lots of nights and I will feel a little tap and hear "Mommy." How can I refuse? Like you said, one day this won't happen. I love snuggling next to her. I know she should be in her own bed, but she will only be little once! :)

  4. As the mom of a four year old midnight stalker, I can SO relate! My 12 year old is a former midnight stalker who would rather do anything other than stalk me at this point.... so I have learned to cherish these moments. :-)

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  6. Take it while it lasts. They grow up too quickly.

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    Have a good day!

  7. Isnt it funny how they have our hearts? Awesome!
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    Thanks, http://mimilovesall8.blogspot.com

  8. I enjoy co-sleeping with Moo. Yea, some professionals and parents may not agree with letting kids into your bed, but hey it's what works for us. It's really created a strong bond between the two of us and I know that one day she'll be ready to escape the comfort of mommy's room to be a big girl in her own room. So, I'm enjoying the snuggling while it lasts.


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