Kid's Craft- Spring Flower Color Wheel

One of the most basic topic to teach your child (in terms of art ;-) ) is the Elements of Art: Form, line, shape, color, texture, space, and value. I like to spend a lot of time talking to the young ones about color and color theory- because they are just learning how to identify each color!

It's springtime! Teach your child (or students) about color theory by creating a very simple flower color wheel. Also a good chance to introduce the various parts of the flower!

Classified: Easy and is great for the preschool age and up group!

What you need:
-Red, yellow and blue paints. 
-3 paintbrushes (per child)
-2 sheets of white paper (heavy or construction) 12x18" or larger.
-Green construction paper
-Smocks, water, towel paper and anything else you prefer to keep things clean!

What to do:
1.Cut out 6 pedals for the flower.
2. Have your child paint one pedal red, yellow and blue.
3. Using what you have in front of you, mix red and yellow to make orange; yellow and blue to make green; and red and blue to make purple. Turn it into a lesson by asking your child what they think what two primary colors (red, yellow, blue - or - cyan, magenta and yellow) make a secondary color (green, purple and orange).
4. Allow to dry.
5. Cut a stem and two leaves out of green construction paper and glue together onto a 12x18" (or larger) white sheet of paper. 
6. Arrange pedals into a shape of a flower- in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 7. Glue onto sheet of white paper above the stem.
8. Cut a circle out of white paper for the center of the flower.
9. Discuss with your children about opposite colors. Example: the opposite of red on the color wheel is green.


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