Easter Crafts for Kids

Pom Pom Easter Chick Critter- Need a cute little filler for your child's Easter basket? Want to add a little something to an existing Easter craft? Perhaps you just want to make a small gift for your child (or students). The Pom Poms Easter Chick Critter is an easy craft that can accomplish any of the above.


Tie-Dye Easter Egg Crayon Resist- I love this time of year: the pastel colors, the fresh spring air and the coloring of Easter eggs! This is a simple craft that can teach your child/student about color, design and about wax (crayon) resist painting. Fill your home or classroom with these beautiful tie-dyed Easter Eggs.


Easter Paper Chick Kid's Craft- Remember those paper chains that you use to make when you were a child? This craft is the same basic concept, however, instead of creating a linked chain your child will be making a baby chick! Teach your preschooler the basics of paper sculpting, while you discuss shape, color and give step-by-step directions on how to accomplish such a craft.

Easter Bunny Hat: Learning About Ovals: Aside from teaching color theory, shapes are another great foundation to teach a young child. Why shapes? You can draw just about anything using the basic and organic shapes. Lessons like this are also great for a young child to learn how to follow step-by-step instructions. Allow for creativity when they chose to decorate and draw on the bunny's face. 

Papier Mache Easter Bunny Basket- Can I just take a moment to say that I love creating Papier Mache projects? It is a great, inexpensive way to introduce your child/student to three-dimensional art. You may take the below directions to make your own animal basket/bin.

Hand and Footprint Easter Bunny Kid's Craft
Hand and Footprint Easter Bunny- It's that time of year again- bunnies, baby chicks and Jelly Beans! Make an Easter Bunny out of your child's hand and footprints to keep year after year!

Classified: Easy enough for babies (with help) all the way to 7 years old!


Easy Milk Carton Bunny Easter Basket CraftEasy Recycled Bunny Basket Craft Short on time and supplies? Looking to create an easy Easter basket for a class. Using only a few materials, you can make an Easy Milk Carton Bunny Easter Basket Craft within a few minutes!




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