The Art of Paper Marbling for Kids

When I taught art, one of my students’ favorite activities was creating and marbling paper.

Every year my art class would create Holiday Cards for soldiers protecting our country overseas using the paper they created and marbled. For this lesson, I will teach you how to create marbled paper the inexpensive way for you to do at home or in your classroom.

Classified: Medium- it takes patience and excellent fine motor skills for this art activity. It is best suited for ages 7 and up.

Note: Below is the inexpensive way to marble paper. You can also purchase a Paper Marbling Kit if you find this is something you would like to pursue! I recommend the Jacquard Marbling Kit.

What you need:
  • Liquid Starch
  • 1 part acrylic paint to parts water (any color)
  • Small bathroom cups
  • Paintbrush
  • Feather
  • Pan or cookie sheet
  • White Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Wax paper or drying rack

What to do: 
1. Poor liquid starch into the cookie sheet or pan, making sure that a thin layer completely covers the bottom of the pan.
2. Mix the paint colors of your choice with water into the small bathroom cups. 
3. Using the paint/water mixture, lightly drip the colors into the liquid starch. Allow the colors to fade and bleed into one another.
Optional: Lightly use a feather and swirl the colors to create different patterns and effects.
4. Lightly fold a piece of white paper in half- DO NOT CREASE! Take the center of the paper and place into the middle of the pan first. Gently roll the edges of the paper into the liquid starch/paint mixture.
Dab each corner of the paper.
5. Pick up and allow the starch to run off the white paper.
6. Dry on drying rack or wax paper.

Note: You may need to press the dried marbled paper smooth by placing under a flat, heavy object such as a book.

To change colors: Simply keep making prints of the previous marbled colors - or - take newspaper and apply it to the surface, repeating until the newspaper comes off clear.

What to do with your marbled paper?
Make a card.
Scrapbook paper.
Write a letter.
Give as a gift.
Modge Podge and make a frame.


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