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Holiday Ideas
Easy Tinsel Wreath- Create a very simple, yet elegant wreath using tinsel garland. This craft takes about 10 minutes to make and is great to give as a gift. It is even easy enough for the 6+ crowd to create!

Tinsel Christmas Tree- Done with that Turkey day dinner? Have you begun to buy Christmas wrap and decoration? Want to do something creative with all that stuff lying around the house (Well, sort of)? Then the Tinsel Christmas Tree is a craft for you!!
Mom Craft: Creating a Decoupage Valentine's Day Vase or Candle Holder Do you have some empty candle jars or a vase that you would like to spice up a tad? Well, get them together and dust them off- we are going to bring them back to life! This is a very simple craft to do, takes little of your time and is perfect for the Valentine's Day season!

Three-Dimensional Easter Wall Plaque
Add some Easter cheer to your decor by creating a Three-Dimensional Easter Bunny Plaque for you or as a gift. Mom- it's time for you to craft!

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