Top Ten Tuesdays- Warning Labels that Worry Me!

If you were to flashback 20+ years ago you would come to find that we had lead in our paints and cars with no seat belts (let alone car seats). Did people just live life more dangerously then, or did companies fail to put warning labels on everything we touch? Is it me, or are there some really bizarre or even troublesome labels on everyday products today? It makes me wonder- how many people have done what is on the label before it had to put on the product to guard against another person’s safety? I know there are many out there, but here is just a few that I found in my everyday life as a mom, wife and consumer.
1. This one isn't even funny. But honestly, someone out there must of thought it was okay to do this for the company to have to go put a  label onto a tote container!

2. I'm so confused? But it says non-toxic!

3. I wonder if you do all three they will cancel each other out? I also wonder how many people are injured each year by Washing Machines?

4. No- they're flammable? No way!

5. No more multi-tasking by blow drying your hair while bathing yourself in the bath tub!

6. The warning label on this crack filler says "Do Not Take Internally". I am not touching that with a 10' caulking gun!

7. "This Bag is Not a Toy."

8. Personally, if I received coffee that was cold (other than ice coffee) I would expect a refund. There was an actual lawsuit out of this one- hence the label!

9. Why can't we remove tags from pillows or mattresses? Sorry for the old crummy tag- I removed all my other ones. What's that jail time? Oh and P.S. it's flammable!

10. The warning on this bag of raw almonds states that it may have come into contact with tree nuts and/or peanuts?


  1. That last one is a classic...do you know Jif has the "peanut warning" disclaimer on every jar of PEANUT butter? I die laughing every time I see it.


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