Top Ten Tuesdays- My 10 Favorite Exercises- What's Yours?

I know. It's Wednesday. I had a looonnnggg day yesterday and was not home at all. I usually write these Top Ten in advance, it has just been one of those weeks. And it's only Wednesday! Please accept my sincere apologies about being tardy and take it easy on me ;-)
I think I am so tough. It's only because my biggest competitors are 4 and 2 and they are too little to lift 10 pounds of weight!

I love exercising. It is just one of those things in life that makes me happy (other than my family). I have been a huge exercise guru since the ripe age of 15 when I purchased my first set of weights and worked out to the video Buns of Steel (sorry had to fix link and repost)! Ever since, I have joined a gym (which my membership has been put on hold due to my family) and worked out with a trainer, participated in numerous exercise classes and videos, and have built a mini-gym in my basement. Today's Top Ten is a list of my top favorite exercises:

10. Van Halen sang about it, Kris Kross made you wanna- yes that's it: jumping. Jumping is a great exercise that burns calories fast and requires no gym equipment to do. My kids think I am nuts because I often jump here and there throughout the day to try to burn some extra calories. Whether it's jumping jacks, on a trampoline, or just out of plain fun- jumping is great exercise!

9. Mr. Billy Blanks really got my interest back into squats when I did his Cardio Circuit 1http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=clamom-20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B0002VEPFI video where he went into a squat and then kicked out with his leg (on each squat you switch legs). Not only are you toning your bottom half (which I need because I am your straight-up pear shape), it also incorporates balance and strength as well.

8. "The Twist" I have seen both Billy and Jillian Michaels add this simple move to their workout videos- and let me tell you first hand- it really works. "The Twist" is basically aerobics for the middle. To do "The Twist", you: Stand with your bottom in a squatting position, your feet firm and planted on the ground, and twist your waist back and forth! Add some punches and upper-cuts for a more powerful abs workout!!!

7. I am a girl who likes a challenge. Grab two dumb bells or a weight bar with an appropriate amount of weight; stand in a lounge position with your dumb bells/weight bar over your shoulders. At the same time lounge and complete a shoulder press. Do 10-12 reps 3x each leg. Wow- talk about a workout!

6. Get a sturdy chair or weight bench for this exercise. (I got this one from Fitness Magazine) Stand facing the side of the chair and or weight bench, and step up using one leg. To make it more of a challenge, when up on the bench/chair DO NOT rest your other leg down. Complete 15 reps 3x each leg and feel the burn. Oh and it's ok to hold on so you don't lose your balance!

5. Push-ups. There is nothing like going old school and back to basics with this one. Just make sure you are doing them correctly!

4. Leg and arm extensions. Want another exercise that incorporates more than one muscle group? Great- go get two exercise bands and a sturdy place to tie (or rig) them up and read on. (I have a few poles in my basement that really help me with this one!) Tie one band shoulder height and the other at your ankles in a loop. Stand on the side, next to the pole, holding the shoulder band in your hand and your foot inside the loop, stretch both your foot and arm as far as it will go and then bring it back to its normal position. Repeat this 10-15 times on each side 3 times and you have worked out muscles such as; your core, thighs and shoulders all at once!

3. Bicycle crunches. I don't know what it is about this crunch, but I love it. Perhaps it's one that I don't get bored with. Lie on your back in a crunch position, raise your legs and peddle as if you were riding a bicycle. Simple, yet effective.

2.  Want to confuse your body and burn some extra calories? Walk-jog-run. I remember when I first attempted to get into a running routine. I felt like such a fool because I could only run for so long before my body said “WALK!!!" Little did I know then that fitness guru's and experts now suggest aerobic activity that way. Try this: Walk for 5 minutes to warm up- run at your fastest pace for 2 minutes then jog for 3. Repeat. Mix it up and go with it!

1. The back of my arms jiggle like Santa Claus' belly. Some of it is genetics, and some of it I can control. Want to get to the control part fast? Try bench dips! Here is a video on haw to perform a correct bench dip!

What's Your Favorite Exercise????


  1. im starting to get back into exercising. i pretty much just do the elliptical every day but occasionally do this one video. no equipment needed and im ALWAYS sore afterwards


  2. I like the elliptical too- I don't own one, but miss it dearly! Keep up the good work ;-)

  3. These two large muscle groups form the base of your entire upper body. So remember that you abs are the ying to you backs yang. Ab WheelThe ab wheel or power wheel is just what it says it is. It is a wheel with a stick in between it. You basically use the ab wheel for roll outs, and this is a very challenging abdominal exercise.

  4. I'm lazy when it comes to exercising, so I try to trick myself into doing it by disguising it in fun ways. Hula hooping and dancing around, often while wearing wrist or ankle weights, are my kind of exercise :)

  5. Right now I have the Wii Fit Plus to use. My favorite exercises on there are the rhythm boxing and the advance step (using my little 1 lb weights I was given). I also have my routine on the WiiFit with yoga and strength exercises that I change up occasionally. In addition, I use my First Place Moving to the Word aerobics DVD, which I have also started using the weights with.

  6. Han- good thinking! I also do the "Superman" when I work out- it's just not my favorite. I don't know why but I find it uncomfortable to do.

    Lamb- I get like that also. It's still pretty cold where I live and can't wait for nicer weather. Walking/running, biking and swimming outdoors seems more like fum than a chore!

    KewKew- I really want a Wii. I cannot express to you how bad I want one. I think that it would really spice things up a bit!

    I love your insights!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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