Top Ten Tuesdays- As Seen on Somebody Else's TV!

Oh, it is that day of the week where you anxiously wait and see what I have cooked up for you- right? Well, you are in luck this week, my friend! I am going to share with you the next best products that have yet to hit America's market. Trust me, what you are about to witness will change the way you view late-night advertising forever!
The Edible Coaster. You saw it first! Comes in a variety of flavors: ham, orange, bologna (shown above), fried egg and much, much more! And it's priced right- just $18.78 for a set of 4

Door Knob Warmer. Never let your hands get cold again from touching that chilly door knob! At $7.99 a piece, this cotton addition comes in a variety of colors!

The Serious Band. Shaped like a plain-old-oval this band is serious. Looks great in your hair or around your wrist. Trade it with your peeps in the office and be the coolest gal in the workplace. Just $6.99 for a bag of 12!

You're kids are gonna love this one- Mash Po-ta-dough. Yes- shape it- create it- and unlike the competition- eat it! Comes in a variety- plain, cheese and onion for only $10.34 a tub.

Nothing says "I LOVE YOU" than a recycled bouquet of flowers. Show your loved one how much you not only care about them, but the world around them when you order an all-ready-been-used bouquet of flowers! Starts at $14.99

Women crave them. Some men can't live without them. St. Bernard's have worn something like them for years. Your dog will never have to hide a bone again! Why would she when she can  carry it in her doggie purse. Act now- HOT item. Starts at $59.99.

Tired of trying to find matches to socks. Frustrated because it is a never-ending battle. Stop kidding yourself- you are never going to find them. Unmatched Socks are a thing of the past with this product. Buy a bag of My Mismatched Socks and you are bound to find a sock close enough to make a match. One bag of socks is endless hours of fun- $17.58 per bag.
Products that do not yet have images but are cool enough to make the list (not to mention I needed to make a list of 10):
The Self-Cleaning Toilet. Why wear those rubber gloves and clean with those dangerous chemicals? With the Self-Cleaning Toilet, all you have to do is set the timer on clean, wait approximately 7 hours and WaZaam you have a sparkling clean toilet! Price: TBD

The Remote Pet- Great gift for dad! Keep your remote warm and cozy with a cute cuddly critter! Right now it is only available in two varieties:  The Hibernating Bear and The Pointy Porcupine! Price: TBD

The Pedi Bacon- Close relative to the egg, the pedi-bacon is just that. Bacon. Have tired, lonely feet- wrap them up with the Pedi-Bacon! Not on the market yet- price is TBD.

Disclosure: I absolutely have nothing else better to do with my time. No animals were harmed in the creation of my products. If you would like to order any of the above products, you have about 5 minutes and 36 seconds to receive free shipping. ACT RIGHT NOW and I will throw in my green grass and cobble stone face wash!

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