Top Ten Tuesdays- 10 Gifts Mom wants for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. What does that mean to you and your significant other? For us- just another day on the home front. It seems like only yesterday I would be all giddy waiting in anticipation to see what my husband would surprise me with. Flash forward 6+ years of marriage, 3 kids and one crazy dog- I feel grateful if I receive a card that was purchased from a corner store on the way home from a long day of work. So this year I compiled a list of gifts I would like to get on that most loving day.

10. Sanity.
9. A box of chocolates that lies on the food label and reads "A Fat Free Food."
8. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed.
7. A day with no phones, no computer, no kids, no crying, no nagging, no boogers- some call it solitary confinement- I call it paradise.
6. A bottle of anything that does not hold breast milk or formula!
5. Forget roses- just give me the fifty dollars and a dandelion off of some neighbors yard!
4. A one hour massage is nice- but a whole day at the spa even better ;-) A girl can dream- can't she?
3. Jewelry is nice and is often an accepted form of gift. At this point in my life it is okay if it is made with noodles.
2. A plagiarized love letter or poem will suffice.
1. Lingerie? I would get more use out of fluffy slippers and a robe!

Well, we'll see...........................................


  1. LOL! I agree completly with your list. Especially the lingerie. Love me a nice warm robe and great big fluffy slipers ;D

    I am a new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday. I hope you will have a moment to come and say hi. Have a blessed week!


  2. I love the list! My hubby doesn't buy me lingerie, he knows better, he buys me comfie jammies, I buy lingerie for me to wear as a gift for him LOL

    When I was little my mom asked for every occassion for "good kids" I told her once I was 30, it wasn't going to happen, let it go. But I do know why it was on her list...nothing says happy special occasion Mommy, like going hoarse from yelling at the kids to stop fighting! LOL

    I am a new follower from the Tuesday hop.


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