Technology Tutorial- Free Background for Bloggers

Free Backgrounds

Feel free to use the above backgrounds in your blog. Need to know how? Keep on reading! Directions are for Blogger.

The gradients above are all made with two colors (except for 1rainbowlove#182381.jpg). They were given cute little names followed by a number. This number indicates the bottom color. For the gradient to look "correct" when you scroll down the page, you first have to set the background to that color. (Note: if a color was not listed it is white #FFFFFF). The first 5 backgrounds were made to be repeated or "tiled" as your background. Right click--> Save Image As --> and chose a location on your computer.

Assuming that you have a template selected (we are only changing a background here), go to the Background Tab under Template Designer and select Browse.

Select your image file. If you chose one of the first 5 images that were meant to be "tiled", change the alignment to "center-top" and click the drop down menu to tile. Unselect the "scroll with page" box so the background stays static.

If you like the gradient background, the first thing you need to do is to change the main background color of your blog to the color code that was included at the end of the name of the image. Remember if a color code was not mentioned the code is #FFFFFF for white. For this example I used the image midnightmist#D8C0CD.jpg.
Go to the Advanced Tab under Template Designer and select Background. Change the name of the outer background to the "code" at the end of the name. For example, I would change mine to #D8C0CD.

Then go back to the "Background" tab and browse for your image. Adjust it to "Center-top" alignment and select "tiled" horizontally. Unselect "scroll with page."
You are then all set- enjoy!


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  3. Great backgrounds.
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  4. Thanks so much for the backgrounds and the tutorials. I'm having fun changing things around (with your help).


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