New Year, New You: Portion Control

So in my original post, New Year, New You: Lifestyle Changes, I discussed taking baby steps to achieve your ultimate goal. I simply broke these down into weeks, wanting to conquer each "bad habit" one fork at a time. I am now into month two of making lifestyle changes and have only focused on my constant nibbling and fitting in more fitness.

This week I have been very diligent about my portion sizes. I have always been one of those individuals whom always has to watch what they eat at all times. Adding physical fitness helps me alleviate some of the stress about portions, however, it is something that I will always battle with. Not that I am saying I wish I could eat everything and anything in sight (because that is not healthy), I am simply wishing that I do not have to be so matter-of-fact about it.

Here are my tips and tricks that I have collected through the years about keeping your portions in check:
  • I use salad plates instead of dinner plates. They are smaller and make it feel as though you are eating more.
  • Read labels. Once you get in the habit of what your favorite foods "suggested servings" are, and measure it out a few times, the easier it will be to eye-ball a portion size out.
  • Going along with #2- get out your measuring cups- and start measuring. A serving of rice is 3/4 cup cooked- measure it and plop it on a plate to see what it looks like.

With being ill last weigh in, it is hard to estimate how much I have lost due to the fact that I lost 5 and then technically put 3 back on? Darn water weight!

My goal is 130 lbs. Today I weigh 139 lbs! I am officially pre-baby #3 weight which is very exciting to me because baby #2 and #3 are only 19 months apart! Just when I was on my way to 130 once again after baby #2 I got pregnant! I am not a yo-yo dieter- just always pregnant!

I want to get back into shape to feel good about myself again and to ward off any unwanted health issues. Heart failure amongst the woman in my family is very high, and I don't want to become a victim myself! I also want to set a good example for my children. We even created a Kid's Fitness Chart that I posted for everyone to share!


  1. You're doing a great job, congrats!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Following back from Crazy 4 Fluff!
    Keep up the weight loss mama!


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