January Art and Craft Ideas

Snowman Shapes Puppet- For this craft, your child will learn how to make a fun Snowman Puppet while learning about 3 basic shapes: circle, triangle and rectangle. They will also learn about contrast of black and white and the concept of small, medium, large.

 Igloo Math Hut- Practice patterns and counting (math) with your little one as you learn fun facts about igloos. This craft reinforces the shape: rectangle, Colors: blue and white. 

Polar Bear Footprint Craft
Create a cute polar bear using your child's foot and fingers. Teach your child fun facts about polar bears by visiting the National Geographic Web site for kids. Easy to create, fun to make and becomes a great keepsake!

Kids Craft- Hand and Footprint Chinese Dragon

Create a Chinese Dragon Kids Craft or Art Print using your child's hands and feet while you teach them about the Chinese New Year and the dragon.
Kids Craft -  Chinese New Year Paper Dragon Sculpture
2012 is the year of the dragon! This is personally one of my favorite mythical creatures!

Learn how to create a Chinese Dragon using paper folding techniques with this lesson.


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