December Art and Craft Ideas

Digital Holiday Card- Classified: Easy (prior knowledge of Microsoft Office needed! Sorry)

St. Nicholas Day Craft- If you are thinking to yourself "I am not going to leave a gift of any kind in my kid's shoe!" Trust me, I thought the same thing. So I provided a very easy craft that's fun to do and less stinky.

Snowflake Winter Frame- This craft is easy to do with any age. I did this last year when my daughter was 18 months and my son was 3. It's Great to hang up all winter long!

The Star of David "Mosaic Stained Glass" Hanukkah Craft- We celebrate Christmas in the Classified: Mom household- so each year we focus our crafts and projects around our traditional Christian beliefs. This year I decided to teach my children about other traditions and beliefs that are present outside our household. The Star of David "Mosaic Stained Glass" Hanukkah Craft is our first study in our Hanukkah exploration.

Paper Product Menorah- Teach your child about the symbolic meaning behind the Hanukkah Menorah while creating one out of everyday paper products.

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  1. Oh! I wish I'd seen this sooner! I love that curly santa beard and it's going on my list to do for next Christmas for sure!


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