Baby is Pulling Up and Mom is Pulling Out.... her Hair

When my first born (who is now approaching 5) began to pull himself up onto household items, I stood by watching in delight. I would exclaim “Look at my boy go- Here pull up on this!” as I would coax him over to a nearby object.

Flash forward two years later, my second-born-diva  started to pull up. I still had the same sense of excitement, however, I had to keep a closer eye on her because it seemed as though she would get into more trouble? (Little did I know it seemed that way then simply because I had another child distracting part of my attention.)

Now it is #3’s turn. What makes it oh so more exciting this time is that I am totally out numbered. Every time I turn around to either answer a question, poor a glass of milk, or wipe a snotty nose to one of my older two children, my 9 month old makes a mad dash to the nearest unsafe object and attempts to pull up on it. What is Classified as unsafe you ask? Well, the toilet for starters (boys will be boys?!?); another child, a dog, a plant stand, the dishwasher, and an unexpected pant leg to name a few.

And of course his favorite playground is the bathroom. If it were up to him he would hang out there all day. It makes me wonder if this is a heredity trait? Anyway, needless to say it is a very disgusting place to want to test his pulling up skills and the door is closed all day. Well, except when I have to go, that would be too good to be true.

I never utilized the pack-n-play so much in my life.


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