ABC's, 123's and Every Art and Craft in Between

Shapes Clown- This is a very simple project that your preschooler can get very creative with. Teach younger toddlers basic shapes and colors by creating a clown face.

Learning Your Address House
Looking for a craft that teaches name recognition, shapes, numbers, and basic architecture all while introducing your child's address?


In this lesson, your preschooler will learn about the art of printmaking, numbers 1-10 and colors red, brown and green.

Pizza Shape Craft- What better way to cook up a shape learning lesson with your toddler than with a pizza craft! In this lesson, your toddler will learn about the shapes; circle, oval,  rectangle and triangle while they construct a pizza that's good enough to hang on the outside of your fridge.

Easy Tessellation Elephants- Teach your preschooler about patterns using the books Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. Talk about color, repetition while you create your own Elmer the Elephant using the  tessellation of squares.

Cookie Math Plate- One of my son's favorite subjects in school is math. Which, unlike his mother, is very good at it! New York State has just revamped their credentials for what a Kindergartener is expected to know by the first grade. No longer can my son {or any other child in Kindergarten for that matter} use his fingers and toes to figure out simple math equations- he must now answer all by memory. Everyday he brings home flash cards and he (we) get bored with it quickly. To make memorizing math fun again, we created this Cookie Math Plate.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by Mom Endeavors & following! I'm your newest follower here! Love all the craft ideas for little ones! The shapes clown is a great idea!

  2. I really love all of the fun craft ideas, I will be using these to keep my little nieces busy and feel good that they are learning something at the same time. I will be checking back for more great ideas. Thank you!


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