Website Spotlight: My-Calorie-Counter.com

My-Calorie-Counter.com (MCC), powered by Everyday Health, is an excellent, free tool that every mom should have under her belt. I am not a huge fan of counting calories, and MCC takes the guess work right out of it for me. I have been a member of MCC for almost 6 years now and have benefited greatly from it's gadgets and resources when I lost weight after each baby. No more writing down and adding calorie, fat and other nutrition information- all you have to do is plug in the food that you ate and MCC does all the calculations for you!

Before the birth of my last child, I generally used MCC as an assessment tool. I would randomly chose 2 days a week and check up on my eating habits at the end of each day. I do not like to use it for a regimented diet, however, I feel that it is good to eyeball your eating habits. I also find on the days that I wake up and say to myself "today is the MCC day" I nibble less off of the food I cook simple because it is a pain to keep entering every little bite (read about my bad eating habits on my post,  New Year's Resolution: Life Style Changes Challenge). I plan on using it once again with my goal to lose the last 10 baby pounds!

Some key features that I really enjoy:
The weight Tracker Dashboard- I seriously have my weight and measurements tracked from my first baby almost 5 years ago. I like to see what I have accomplished after each of my pregnancies.
Tools and Calculators- Don't know how much calories you need to lose or maintain your weight?- this is the place to go.
Search Foods- this food database almost has everything you can imagine- from chain restaurants and name brand foods to fresh and frozen produce- if you ate it, it's more than likely on this list!

Please Note: That the Website Spotlights are my own opinion. I do not receive any compensation for it. In fact, the owners of these Web sites are probably not even aware that I have an opinion! They are simply sites that I believe are great tools for a mom's toolbox.


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