Top Ten Tuesdays- You Know Your Resolution Has Failed

Hello all! I thought that this may be an approperiate Top Ten for the time of year that it is.

Top Ten signs that your New Year's Resolution has failed:

10. What's the date today? Oh- when was New Year again?
9. You wore a rubber band around your wrist to remind you to stick to your New Year Resolution- but had forgotten as to why you had a rubber band around your wrist.
8. You are planning your New Year Resolution for next year.
7. You say to yourself  "Self, I will start again tomorrow."
6. Well, you gave it a good run- the first solid 8 hours of the New Year while you were sleeping.
5. You had the same exact resolution for the last 7 years.
4. You consider the day after tomorrow New Year's Day.
3. You thought about your resolution all year and on December 31 you changed your mind.
2. Your New Year Resolution technically doesn't begin until you say so.
1. You decided that it was "opposite day" January 1st and that you are indeed right on track!

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