Top Ten Tuesdays- Things to Do with Empty Baby Food Containers

I have to say that I firmly believe that the recycling persons love it when they pick up our bin(s) of recyclables in the front of my house. I am one of those who always dreamed of making my own baby food, however, I seem to find it much more convenient just to buy it prepared. No matter how convenient it is, empty baby food containers leave my recycling bin full to the max! That is when I began to get creative and started to put those containers to good use.

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is all about utilizing those pesky little containers:

10.  Baby food jars make great storage containers for leftover mixed paints from art and craft projects!
9. Pack your own lunch for yourself or your family? Gerber's plastic containers are great for baby carrot sticks, salad dressing, and small snacks (to name a few)!
8. Do your kids love Jell-o or Pudding? Use the Gerber plastic containers for make-it-yourself individual servings!
7. Make crafts! Make candle holders or treat jars using the Beechnut Baby Food Jars. I have some listed under my Crafts Tab- make sure to check them out!
6. Wash and collect a bunch of Gerber plastic containers with lids to use as building blocks.
5. at the end of your blush or eye shadow? Use either baby food container to scrape the left over makeup into. I have been creative in the past by mixing shades to create a brand-new shade. Down fall? I loved the new color I created but failed to keep the "formula" on how to make it again!
4. I keep a sewing needle and small thread in a Gerber plastic container in my hallway closet for those "quick" fixes.
3. They are also great for storing small items, such as; buttons, beads, and wiggle eyes.
2. Decorate a couple of the jars and use them to house desk items, such as: paper clips, thumb tacks and erasers. Stage 3 jars are great for pens and pencils!
1. Clean the glass jars off really well and dry. Place potpourri in them and tie netting around the opening with pretty ribbon for party favors for someone else's baby shower ;-)


  1. Great ideas :) Some of them are new for me, thanks!

  2. I'm with cricket! I like the party favor idea!

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  4. Thanks for swinging by! Following you back! ...and very envious that you can get baby food jars! None of my friends will give 'em up....and I don't have any babies!

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  6. Those are some great ideas!

    Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)

  7. I'm a new follower from the WW blog hop :)

    I've read about uses for baby food jars before. But that is the first time I've read about using them to make your own pudding or jello snacks. That's a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi - I'm following you - And I'm Shah from wordsinsync.blogspot. X

  9. Those are some really useful tips. I used to make Amy cooked dinners once a week then freeze them so I didn't use jars so much. But a great way to recycle.

    Found you via Tuesday blog hop.
    CJ xx

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