Kids Craft- Valentine's Day "Some-buggy Loves You" Gift Bag

What a great way to say "I Love You" before the gift is even opened! This is a fun and super easy Valentine's Day craft that teaches the Shapes: Heart and Rectangle, Colors: Red and Black, and the Concept: Pattern and Symmetry all while creating a "lovely" ladybug.

Classified: Easy and is great for kids 3 and up. Under 3 will need a lot of extra help with few of the steps- but that's okay because "it's the process not the product!"

What you need:
Step 1
A craft bag, any color really.
Black, pink and red construction paper
Glue sticks
Marker (or paint pen depending on the color and texture of your gift bag)

What to do:
  1. Prep: Cut out hearts according to image. You will at least need one large heart for the body (black), two long red hearts for the wings, one medium pink heart for the head, two small white hearts for the eyes, and 2 small black hearts and 4 smaller black hearts for the spots. Ladybugs have 6 legs, therefore, you will need six skinny, long rectangles to make the legs. I had my 4 year old cut out his own ladybug body.
  2. Arrange the body parts of the ladybug according to the photo above. Talk about what colors and shapes that you see. Glue together.
  3. Draw in eyes and facial features. My 4 year old gave his ladybug hair!
  4. Glue Heart "spots" into a pattern, such as: big heart, small hear, big heart........ (See photo above for example) making sure that each wing has an equal amount of hearts (symmetry). The pattern concept is hard for most children under 3 to understand. I helped my two year old as best as she would allow!
  5. Glue into place.
  6. "Crimp" the legs of the lady bug by showing your child how to fold the paper back and forth (yet another pattern!) Repeat for each leg.
  7. Glue to the lady bug on the gift bag.
  8. Write with marker (or paint marker) "Some Buggy Loves You"
  9. Allow to dry.

Suggested Reading: Love Bugs: A Pop-Up Book (Hardcover) by David A. Carter 

Suggested Website: Creature Features: Ladybugs by National Geographic for Kids 

Yes- the next Valentine's Day craft will teach you how to create a gift to put inside the "Some Buggy Loves You" gift bag! 

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  4. now those are pretty adorable :)

  5. HO! THANKS for the idea! My 3rd graders are going to make it on Thursday for their gift/card bags for valentine's day!


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