Kids Craft: Valentine's Day Luv Puppy Puppet

My children had a lot of fun creating and playing with their Valentine's Day Luv Puppy Craft. Reinforce the shape: heart; colors: red, white, black and pink and spacial concepts, such as: over, under, left and right.
Luv Puppy

Classified: Easy and fun to do with ages 2 and up!

What you need:
Step 1 + 2 more hearts for paws
  1. Red, pink, black and white construction paper (either 9x12" or 12x18")
  2. Paper lunch or craft bags.  I used white for this project.
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Black marker
  6. Pencils

What to do:
1. Cut various size hearts according to the size of your paper bag. I had my preschooler cut out his own heart face for practice. See Step 1 photo for guide. You will need 1 large heart for face; 2 long hearts for ears; 2 small white hearts for eyes; 2 medium hearts for cheeks and back, 3 small hearts for nose and paws and 1 crescent shape for tail. Allow your child to select the colors they desire. Great time to talk about (reinforce) the colors red, pink, white and black!
Step 2
2. Assemble face as shown in Step 2 photo. Give directions such as "glue nose on top of his cheeks." or What color do you want for your Luv Puppy's left ear?"
3. Glue face to fold on bag and glue paws to the bottom.
4. For an extra touch, I cut a heart out of the center "spot" on the medium heart for the back. Glue to the "back" of the Luv Puppy.
5. Bend tail at end of crescent and glue to the back. (See step 5 photo).
Step 5
6. As always- Enjoy!

My kid's Luv Puppies!


  1. Those are so cute!!
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  2. Loving this blog - so pretty and those puppets ah - I'd have loved them. I'm here from wordsinsync.blogspot.com to follow back. Have a good day! Shah. x

  3. Hi!! This is way cute!! I am highlighting you on my top 15 V-day crafts thus far!

    SIMPLE AS 1-2-3

  4. Very cute! I did something similar to this when my son was in K - I miss little kiddie crafts! Cannot wait for my baby to get older!!

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  5. Too cute! My daughter has made a couple of these bag puppets at school and she always seems to enjoy making them. I'll have to do this one with her. Thanks for the idea!

    I'm a new follower...your blog is adorable!

  6. very cute, I may have to make this with my daughter she would love it! Im looking forward to seeing other preschool crafts!

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  7. thanks for stopping by BB, I like your blog colors it's very soothing. The craft here looks like so much fun, I can't wait to try it with my princess.

  8. What a cute craft! I'll have to do it with my daughter - she'll love it!

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  9. Soo cute! Hopping over to say hello and wishing you a peaceful Sunday. Hugs, Katherine

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  15. I really love your valentines day puppy craft. Check out my handprint butterfly too. http://blog.memetales.com

  16. Your project is one of my favorites from The Heart Book and mentioned it in my sneak peek :) http://funhandprintart.blogspot.com/2012/01/heart-project-get-ready-to-join-fun.html

  17. Very cool idea kids would love to work in this project!..Thanks and Happy Valentine's....

  18. Loved this Puppy Puppet project in particular and featured a link to it at our project's website. Thanks!

  19. Looking forward to doing this on Wednesday - fun, fun, fun ...
    Thanks for the great idea!


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