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Looking for a craft that teaches name recognition, shapes, numbers, and basic architecture all while introducing your child's address? Here is the one-stop craft that can do all that.

I have taught my first born his address when he was about 2 and half years old all by memorization. He has an awesome memory! My daughter is now reaching that milestone, and is a different type of learner than he is. (Check out: http://www.infed.org/thinkers/gardner.htm a good overview of Gardner's Multiple Intelligences). As most children are visual learners at this age, this craft will help aid in teaching them their address by constructing their own house out of basic shapes and creating an envelope with the child's full name and address.

Classified: Easy

What you need:
  1. Various colors of construction paper depending on what your child's house (or apartment building) looks like.
  2. 1 12x18" sheet of white construction paper to make envelope
  3. Glue sticks
  4. Ruler
  5. Pencil
  6. Scissors
  7. Crayons
  8. Black Marker

What to do:  
Step 1- fold
  1.  Parents/teachers- for envelope, fold the 12x18" sheet of paper in half (the long way) leaving a 1" flap at the top. See photo.
  2. Glue the outer edges together with glue sticks. Dry.
  3. On the outside of the envelope; write with black marker your child's first, middle and last name on line 1; their street address on line 2, city/town on line 3, and state on line 4.

Prep for house-
1. Discuss with your child what their house looks like? Asking:
  • What color is your house? Does it have bricks, windows, and a porch? (We obviously have a red-bricked house)
  • What color is your roof? Brown? Gray? 
  • Is your house big or small? (It's funny to hear what they come up with.)
Live in apartment building?- not a problem! Have them describe what the outside of the building looks like.

  • Are there a lot of windows? Doors? Is it a tall building or long?What color is your building?

2. After your chat about their house, either have pre-cut, or cut on the spot, a 5"x5" square for the house based on the color that your child's description - or - a 5"x8" for an apartment building.
3. A triangle (usually brown, black or gray) for the roof. The roof should have a 6" wide base for a 1/2" over hang on either side. You may want to make an isosceles triangle for an apartment building roof.
4. Cut an appropriate size door and windows using colors of your choice.
5. Assemble and glue.
6. Have your child draw in details with crayons (examples: bushes, a portrait of them in a window, flowers, etc.)
7. Dry.
8. Place the complete house inside the envelope. 

Lesson Ideas:
It is awesome if your child can memorize their address, but can they recognize it as well? Here are some ideas that can help with both.
  1. Have your child recite their whole name and address, including city and state. Once they are able to do so they may hold onto their house (memorization).
  2. Give your child their house. If you are a teacher working with a group of children, place all the envelopes (name up) on the floor and have the children find their address and put their house in the envelope (one at a time). If you are a parent, create about 5 additional envelopes and have your child complete the same task (recognition). 


  1. Super cute project! I am always looking for new ideas to do with my nieces and nephews, since my lil man is still just a wee one! =)

  2. awesome project & so important to learn! will be doing with my kiddos * thanx for sharing!

  3. What a great idea! I'll have to keep it in mind for when my little guy gets older!

    Sweet Treats By Jesseca

  4. Thanks- It was a lot of fun to make! Jesseca, look forward to some baby craft ideas I have coming up in the next couple of weeks. My littlest man is 8 months old!


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