Kid's Craft- Igloo Math Hut

Practice patterns and counting (math) with your little one as you learn fun facts about igloos. This craft reinforces the shape: rectangle, Colors: blue and white. To enhance this lesson, watch with your children "How to Build a Real Igloo"or read books like Jan Reynolds "Living in an Igloo."

Classified: Easy and great for ages 2 up.
For ages 2-3: Use larger rectangles to create their igloo. This is easier for them to manipulate and glue as well as easier to count.
For preschool and up: Use smaller rectangles and a larger sheet of paper for more of a challenge.
Preschool Artwork
Toddler Artwork
What you need:
  • 2 pieces of blue construction paper (either 9x12" or 12x18" depending on age and skill level)
  • White paper cut into rectangles (size and amount may vary depending on age and skill level)
  • Glue
  • White crayon

What to do:
  1. Using a white crayon, draw (or download template and trace) an outline of an igloo onto the blue construction paper. Cut it out.
  2. Depending on what age you are working with (I have examples of both), have your child start building their igloo by filling in the outline with cut rectangles.
  3. Glue into place once satisfied. Flip over and trim off the excess white rectangles.
  4. Glue onto second piece of blue construction paper.
  5. Have them draw a picture of himself in the picture and create a scenery.
  6. Depending on the age of your child, count with them or have them count how many rectangles it took to make their igloo.
  7. Write (or download template here and cut and paste) "How many rectangles? ___" in the right hand corner of the completed picture.
  8. If you are working with a child who can write, have them fill in the blanks with the correct number. If not, write in the number and have your child identify it.
  9. Hang and enjoy!


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    2. awesome! perfect for my 3 yr. old * thanx!

    3. Great to hear- my four year old loved watching the video and seeing how an igloo is made!


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