Kid's Craft: Groundhog Day Puppet

It's that one day during the year where an animal can make or break somebody's day- Groundhog Day. Will spring be here soon- or will we have 6 more dreadful weeks of winter? In this Groundhog Day craft, your child will learn about the shape: Oval and Color: Brown while they construct a groundhog puppet and burrow. I discussed with my children some facts about the groundhog and Groundhog Day by using the puppet I had made! They thought it was so funny that my groundhog popped in and out of his burrow ;-)

Classified: Easy my toddler and preschooler had fun with this craft! Have your preschool-aged child or older practice their fine motor skills by writing "Groundhog Day" onto the burrow.

Step 1 Prep
What you need:
  • 9x12" Black and brown construction paper
  • White and black crayon
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Pencil to draw ovals
  • Straw
  • Stapler
  • Optional: Cotton balls if it snows where you are from for the top of his burrow.

What to do:
Step 2
  1. Prep: Cut various sized ovals for the groundhogs head, legs, arms, paws, ears, tail and body. Keep the size in proportion to the opening of the burrow, which is the rolled sheet of 9x12" black construction paper. See photo.
  2. Discuss what shape you are working with today- oval and color brown. Have your child arrange ovals to make a groundhog (see photo) and glue together.
  3. While the groundhog is drying, you or your child write with white crayon "Groundhog Day" on the center of the black sheet of construction paper (the long way). Glue cotton balls to the top for snow (optional) and staple the ends together to make a tube.
  4. Have your child draw a face onto the groundhog; staple the straw to the back.
  5. Hint: you may need to slightly fold or crease the groundhog in half to fit it into its burrow.
  6. Talk with your child about groundhogs and Groundhog Day. Visit the National Geographic Website for kids for fun facts!


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  3. super cute craft idea :) Turned out VERY cute!

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