Baby Craft: Valentine's Day Marbled Heart Flower

I spend a lot of time creating crafts with my two and four year old, while my little man (at this time 8 months old) sits on my lap and watches in wonder. Today, while I was marbling a Valentine's Day craft with my older children, I looked at my baby and thought "why can't he participate with this craft?" That is when I decided that he was going to create his own marbled Valentine's Day craft.

Classified: Well, easy! You can also create this with older tots as well as babies!

What you need:
  • Pink, red, or purple construction paper
  • Green construction paper
  • White, green and red paint
  • Marbles
  • Large freezer bag
  • Tape
  • Paint/sponge brush
  • Washcloth or baby wipe to clean off his feet!

What you do:
  1. Prep: Place selected colored construction paper into the large freezer bag, along with marbles and red and white paint. Tape the bag securely onto a table where you and your baby will be working together.
  2. With supervision, allow your baby to play with and move the marbles around inside the bag, while he mixes the paint and around the paper. Talk to your baby about what he sees and how the colors red and white make pink. Allow time for self exploration.
  3. Once dry cut into a heart shape.
  4. Cut a stem out of green paper.
  5. To make leaves; paint the bottom of your baby's tootsies with green paint and stamp them onto green paper. Hint: Use a dark green paint for light green paper and vice versa.
  6. Once dry, cut around each of the baby feet and glue them to the stem.
  7. Glue the stem to the heart.
  8. Prep for step 1.
  9. Hang and enjoy! 
  10. Optional: Use crayons to write a special message onto the heart flower and to add details to the stem.
    Self exploration.


  1. Awww too cute!

    New follower in from FMBT!

  2. look at the little foot prints on the stems :D

  3. this is cute!!! i might give this a try with niecie.. tho i think she's a bit to young.. it will be fun for me tho! :)


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