Top Ten Tuesdays: The Joy of Re-gifting!

The holidays are just about behind us. If you have had a Christmas as crazy as mine; then you might be exhausted while you are reading this post after celebrating 3+ full days of Christmas! You might also be exhausted just looking at all those gifts hanging around the house that have yet to be put away. So this week Top Ten Tuesday is dedicated to re-gifting those unwanted items.

Top Ten items that should be okay to re-gift (in my humble opinion, but does that even matter at this point ;-) )

10. Fruit Cake- wait. Will that last a year? Hmmmm that's a Google Search for another day.
9. Your third set of some type of bath and lotion set. How many do you seriously go through in a year? And what is everyone trying to tell you?
8. Any sweater that is furrier than your dog.
7. This year, my youngest son received diapers as a gift. I think it would be fun to re-gift this item just to see what type of reaction I would get. However, that gift is way too practical and can be put to good use. So never mind #7.
6.  Is it okay to re-gift portrait pictures of obscure relatives? Just saying.
5.  Is it okay to re-gift obscure family members?
4. Home baked cookies that you aren't quite sure what they are or taste like.
3. Turn the pair of "I will never wear those" sock gifts into sock puppets and give them to kids as gifts.
2. Any gift that you know that has been all ready re-gifted. Ah, it's the gift that keeps on giving.
1. Any footwear that barks or squeaks!

Happy Holidays!

Where I hoped today ;-) Hop on board!



  1. Awesome post!! I am your newest follower. Hope you can follow back :)


  2. Stopping by to follow you from Tuesday Train. Come follow me at:

    Love this post! I was once given a pair of dog slippers that barked. We had a Welsh Corgi at the time, I think they lasted about 30 minutes. :) Not really a fan of any clothing that makes noise.

  3. Thanks for the laugh. #7 is perfect though!


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