Snowed In: What to do with the children?

I know that from living in the Western New York area for my entire life that it is par of the course to experience snow. I also know that you learn to really appreciate summer. This is not the first time that I have been "trapped" within the confides of my own home- but with 3 kids! Needless to say I almost lost my mind.

How does one fill in a 24 hour non-stop-trapped-inside-the-house gap of time without banging ones head until complete unconsciousness? Of course I did crafts (one of which we are going to finish tomorrow- trust me I will post it) but even that only goes so far. Yes I let them watch T.V.- but that only thrills me for so long. When the little man went down for his nap, I took the older ones to play outside in the 3 feet of snow while I attempted to shovel. Thank heaven for great neighbors and their big hearts! After an hour and 20 minutes it got cold. We played games, had snacks, read books inside.

I think I looked at the clock every thirty minutes.

I drank a pot of coffee and went to the ladies room 40 times to waste approximately 12 minutes of time of which 2 was spent alone in solitude.

What do you do with your children when you are "trapped" inside? Please share your thoughts and idears. What creative things do you come up with?

UPDATE: Check out an insert from my Top Ten Tuesdays for a list of activities!


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  2. oh man, too much snow!!!!

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