Kids Craft: Santa Paper Tube Doll

The Santa Paper Tube Doll is an easy craft to do with your young child or in a classroom setting. With a few simple materials, and a creative little hand, you can make Santa come to life with this easy children's craft.

With so many things to get done at Christmas time, I have to say it is nice to stop and take a moment and celebrate one another. Doing crafts with my children is more than a teaching experience to me- it is "our" time in which we can share with one another what the true meaning of Christmas is-togetherness!

Classified: Easy and great for toddlers, preschoolers and young children.

What you need:
  1. Paper towel roll tube cut in half or a toilet paper tube roll
  2. Red and dark brown (or black) fun foam
  3. Red felt
  4. White curling ribbon or yarn
  5. Tacky Glue
  6. Cotton Ball
  7. Skin-colored construction paper
  8. Crayons
  9. Red tempera paint
  10. Silver or gold pipe cleaner
  11. Paint brushes, palette, appear towel and cup for water
  12. Hint: I use Q tips for easy glue application!

What to do:
  1. Using the end of the paper tube, trace around the circumference onto the skin colored sheet of construction paper and cut out for Santa's face. Set to the side for the time being.
  2. Paint the paper towel tube red and allow to dry.
  3. While tube is drying, have your child create a beard with the cotton ball and glue to the face. Draw on facial features with crayon.
  4. Step 4
  5. Cut two small rectangles into the felt for arms and two ovals from the dark brown felt for hands. Glue together (see photo).
  6. Step 5
  7. Once the red tube is dry, cut a large enough rectangle out of red felt to go around the circumference of the top of the tube. Approximately: 3" wide by 4" tall. Glue to the top of the tube.
  8. After an hour of dry time, tie the top of the Santa hat with yarn (or curling ribbon).
  9. Step 6
  10. Lay the tube on it's side and glue on his face, add Santa's belt using the pipe cleaner and glue on his hands to the tube. Cut a 3" heart shape out of black fun foam for the feet, glue to the bottom of the tube and allow all to dry.
  11. Optional: My daughter insisted on adding googly eyes. I also drew in legs with a black marker.



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