Kid's Craft: A Letter to Santa Present

Want to add a little something special to that letter to Santa? Make it a complete package by turning it into a present for Santa. I am personally going to keep my kids letter as a time capsule so they can open it up to their children in the future.
This craft is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children. 

Classified: Easy
What you need:
  1. Lined Writing Paper (8.5x11" paper or trim down to size)
  2. Red and Green Crayons
  3. Red, White and Green 9x12" Construction Paper
  4. Wrapping Bow
  5. Curling Ribbon
  6. Glue
  7. Kid Scissors
  8. Store Ads found in Sunday Papers

What to do:

For Toddlers-
Introduce/practice letters of the alphabet while helping your toddler write a letter to Santa. Write on top of a 8.5x11" Lined Paper "DEAR SANTA, I WANT A....." and go over each individual letter.  Introduce cutting and pasting by having your child cut out 3 items they really want this year from a newspaper ad from a local store with kid scissors. Help if needed. Assist in gluing the items onto the paper. Have them select a 9x12" Red or Green sheet of construction paper to create the present. (Note: see directions below) Colors: Red and Green.

For Preschoolers-
 Have them practice their writing skills by having them copy "Dear Santa, I want a...." on the top of pre-lined paper. Practice cutting and pasting by having your child cut out three items that they want this year from an ad in the newspaper at your local store independently. Revisit colors red and green by having them select which color they want for the present. (Note: see directions below)

For School-aged children- Have them write an entire letter to Santa on their own. Practice cutting, gluing, folding paper and following step-by-step directions.

To create the present:
  1. Glue your child's Santa letter to the center of a sheet of red or green 9x12" construction paper. Allow to dry.
  2. Step 2 and 3
  3. Cut two strips of the opposite color (red strips for green present and green strips for red present) into 2"x12" and 2"x9" to make ribbon.
  4. Have your child glue onto the blank side of the construction paper, centering each vertically and horizontally. Allow to dry.
  5. Create a name tag and either you or your child write "To: Santa" on it.
  6. Fold into three sections- see photo.
  7. Punch two holes into the joining sides about 1/2" away from the edge of the paper.
  8. Tie together with curling ribbon.
    Step 5
  10. Flip over and glue the "To: Santa" tag and a bow to the "present."
  11. Leave out by your door step so Santa can pick it up. Watch their face light up the next day when you tell them that Santa must of came to pick up their present! I am going to keep mine in my child's Memory Box to show them in the future!


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