Kid's Craft: Countdown to Christmas Chalkboard Craft

Create a "Days Until Christmas" countdown chalkboard that you can keep and treasure from year to year and is suited for children 5 (with help) and up. It's simple- and you can chose up to three designs. I created the Santa design you see below.

Classified: Easy

What you need:
  1. Foam sheets
  2. Chalkboard (I used a 9x12) Or make your own by using a piece of wood and Chalkboard Paint
  3. Scissors
  4. White Glue
  5. Glue Gun (parents only)
  6. Black Permanent Marker
  7. Googly Eyes
  8. White Acrylic Paint- or white paint pen
  9. Paint brush
  10. Chalk

  1. Santa- assembly as shown. Cut 2 additional white strips for sleeve cuffs to glue on top of the gloves. Add details with permanent marker (optional).
  2. Snowman- coming soon!
  3. Reindeer- coming soon!

Optional (to create the snow scene on bottom):
  1. Cotton balls
  2. Black and orange acrylic paint
  3. Tooth Picks
What to do:
  1. Write (or paint as I did) "Days Until Christmas" at either the top or bottom of the chalkboard.
  2. Print out desired template.
  3. Trace onto foam sheets and cut.
  4. Assemble the template according to the directions given.
  5. Adults: Glue the Christmas Figurine to the chalkboard using the glue gun.
  6. Adults: Wrap each hand around and glue into place using the hot glue gun.


  1. Using 2 cotton balls- roll one into a ball and glue it to the bottom left corner of the chalk board. Tear the reaming cotton ball into two uneven halves- making one larger than the other.
  2. Roll into balls- gluing the middle size onto the larger size, then the smallest of the three to make a snowman.
  3. Using black paint- paint eyes and a smile on.
  4. Using orange paint, make a carrot nose!
  5. Break a tooth pick into 2 and dip each sharp end into glue and stick into the middle cotton ball (parents assembly only please).
  6. Make snow by stretching out a cotton ball and glue it to the bottom of the chalk board.

Get your calendar ready and count with your children how many days are left until Christmas. Write with chalk the remaining days and remember to do it each day!

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