Kid's Craft: Baby's First Ornament Craft

When I was younger and going to college for teaching, I worked for many years in the day care industry. I was always amazed that every age was involved some way or another with a craft. Today, I involved my almost 8 month old in his own craft while my two older ones created one of their own. Remember- as I learned in art school: it's the process~ not the product.

Baby 1st Christmas Ornament Craft

Classified: Easy and a quick project for 6 months up.

What you need:
  1. White Tempera Paint
  2. Red Paper Dessert Plate
  3. Dark Red Tempera Paint
  4. Ribbon
  5. Black Permanent Marker
  6. Sponge Brush
  7. A Photo of your Child
  8. Scissors
  9. White Glue

What you do:
  1. Using white tempera paint, drip a couple of dots onto the red dessert plate.
  2. Encourage your child to play with the paint. It's OK and encouraged if they pick the plate up to smooth the paint around. Watch out for mouths and make sure the tempera paint is non-toxic (it usually is).
  3. Allow Plate to dry and wash off your baby!
  4. When dry, paint your babies hand with dark red tempera paint and print their hand in the center of the plate.
  5. Yes allow it to dry again ;-)
  6. I traced the hand print with the black marker and wrote "Gavin's 1st Christmas" and "2010" on his index finger of his hand print.
  7. Cut out your child's photo (recent photo) and glue it inside the hand print.
  8. Optional: I cut the outer edge of the plate off to make it look more like an ornament. That's up to you.
  9. Cut about 5" of ribbon and glue the ends to the back of the plate. Hang and enjoy!

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