16 Days Until Christmas

16 Days until Christmas and all through the house;
not one present wrapped yet -not one toy car nor one toy mouse.

The Christmas cards are stamped but are still sitting there;
In hopes that the mail carrier will self address them when he gets here.

The cookbooks have great ideas for cookies yet to be baked,
And visions of mommy sleeping when she is awake.

The Christmas Tree has been purchased and sits there awaiting;
for little boys and little girls to start decorating.

Away to the store, last minute I dash!
To buy those last minute gifts in a hurry- in a flash.

Wrapping and ribbons- tape and bows galore-
I NEED another day no wait one more!

Just listen to me explain before this post becomes out of sight-
There are only 16 more days and 15 more nights!

Anybody else feeling this Holiday STRESS??????????!!!!!!!

http://www.christmas-tree.com/stories/nightbeforechristmas.html- Twas the Night Before Christmas Poem


  1. Hi! I'm so glad you found me, I'm following you right back. :) I'm also glad for this post....I so need to get off the computer, get my rear in gear and send out Christmas cards!

    Thanks bunches,

  2. Thanks for visiting and following me and yes stresssed outtt to the max here. I got a late start and I too have to get myself in gear. I want to enjoy it and relax but can't have my cake and eat it too (whine) Yep I whine a whole bunch at times. ( big smile) Oh by the way I am your newest follower love your blog colors.


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