Mom Craft: Tinsel Silver and Gold Christmas Tree

Done with that Turkey day dinner? Have you begun to buy Christmas wrap and decoration? Want to do something creative with all that stuff lying around the house (Well, sort of)? Then the Tinsel Christmas Tree is a craft for you!!

What you need:
  • Green tinsel garland.
  • Jingle Bells (silver and gold)
  • Gold wrapping bow
  • Gold or silver curling ribbon
  • Pop (sorry soda- us Buffalonians use the word "pop") bottle of Styrofoam cone (you pick the size)
  • Foil pie lid (optional)
  • Glue gun and sticks
What you do?
If you chose to use a 'soda' (that was hard to type) bottle, clean it out and screw on the cap. If you are going to purchase a Styrofoam cone, the following directions will both be the same!
  1. Start by gluing an end of the green tinsel garland to the top of the bottle/cone.
  2. Twirl the green tinsel garland around to the base, gluing here and there with the glue gun and wrapping more and more to make the base wider than the top.
  3. Hot glue the bow to the top and the jingle bells sporadically around the circumference of the tree.
  4. Glue an end of the curling ribbon to the top of the tree and twirl around to the base. Cut and glue an end.
  5. Optional: glue entire tree to a tin foil lid. It gives a cool reflection and acts as a base for the tree.
Want to see more ideas? Don't forget to check out my Artsy Moms Page!

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