Kid’s Craft: Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath craft using your child’s hands out of cut paper and the Turkey Template to illustrate what they are thankful for. You can even have fun with this by reading children books about Thanksgiving and discuss with your child what a turkey would be thankful for.
Classified: Easy
2.      White Glue
3.      Scissors
4.      Crayons
5.      Construction Paper

1.      Print out the Template.
2.      Color in the Thanksgiving Turkey.
3.      Trace your child’s hands onto construction paper. Depending on what size your child hands are, you may need to trace this 5-7 times (or more).
4.      Cut hands out. Note: If your child is old enough to cut her own hand out, then have her do this on her own. If not, you can cut out the hands yourself.
5.      Talk with your child about what she is thankful for. Either you or your child write what they are thankful for on each hand. They can also draw an illustration on each hand.
6.      Starting from the turkey, glue the hands together to form a wreath. I suggest arranging the hands before you glue.
7.      Allow time to dry and hang.

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