Kid's Craft: Snowman Shapes Puppet

If there is one thing that I love about a fun Winter Craft, it is one that reinforces or teaches as well. For this craft, your child will learn how to make a fun Snowman Puppet while learning about 3 basic shapes: circle, triangle and rectangle. They will also learn about contrast of black and white and the concept of small, medium, large.

4 year old creation

Classified: Easy and great for toddlers and preschoolers.

What you need:
  1. Paper lunch bag
  2. White, black, brown and orange construction paper
  3. Lids or other household items to use as a stencil for circles
  4. Glue or glue stick
  5. Scissors

What you do:
  1. Cut out:
  • 1 large, medium and small circle on white construction paper. Make sure that they are in ratio with the paper lunch bag.
  • various size circles in black construction paper for eyes, mouth and buttons.
  •  1 long, thin black, and 2 brown rectangles for arms and brim of hat.
  • 2 thin, short brown rectangles for fingers of arms.
  • 1 fat rectangle for top of hat.
  • 1 orange triangle for nose.
  1. Assemble hat onto face first. I suggest gluing the brim to the top of the smallest white circle (head of snowman).
  2. Glue the black fat triangle to top of brim. Make sure you ask about shapes and colors!
  3. Assemble face. Tip: bend end of the wide end of the triangle to make a 3D effect with the nose!
  4. Glue face to flap of the paper lunch bag.
  5. Glue the medium circle next, following the large circle to the lunch bag.
  6. Add buttons and arms. Allow time to dry and put on a puppet show for fun!

2 year old creation

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