Kid’s Craft: Santa Face Paper Craft

Just in time for the Christmas holiday- A Santa Paper Craft Face! If you remember back to my posts on my Frankenstein Face and my Cornucopia Paper craft, then you already know that I have a lot of fun with the paper art. This paper craft is perfect for children in second grade and up and takes a few sessions to complete due to drying time.
Santa Face Paper Craft
Classified: Medium
1.      12x18” Construction Paper White, Red, and a skin color. You can be creative and buy multicultural construction paper. I used this a lot when I taught art in my classroom. You can find it at Amazon.com or an art supply store. I included a pic to show you what it looks like:

2.      White Glue or Glue stick
3.      Scissors
4.      Ruler
5.      Pencil
6.      Santa Face Stencil (if needed)
7.      Stapler
1.      Start by lying the “face” (light pink or otherwise) sheet of paper flat.
2.      Using one sheet of red paper, cut a strip about 2.5” x 18”. Add some definition to Santa’s shirt, cut it wavy.
3.      Using the template provided; print and cut out the facial features, trace and cut provided the directions given– or be creative and make your own face.
4.      Arrange facial features centered onto the 12x18” face paper. DO not glue down- yet! (Don’t make the same mistake I did- hey I’m not afraid to admit it!)
5.      Lightly draw an outline for a beard. See below:

6.      Using the white sheets of paper, cut ¼ by 18” strips (approximate). I figure every Santa will be different, but trust me it will take at least 20 or so for the beard alone!
7.      To make them curl, roll them around a pencil and gently squeeze.

8.      Starting towards the bottom of the Santa Face, within the boundaries of the outlined beard, glue the tips of the Beard curls to the face.

9.      Keep adding the curls- row by row – until everything is filled in up to the eyebrow line.

10.      To create the Santa hair; simply measure a white sheet of construction paper so that it is as wide from the beard to the edge of the face; and as long as the eye brown line to the bottom of the face paper. Use this as a stencil and cut out 8 times.

11.      Trim strips into the paper leaving 1” at the top untrimmed so that each unit of hair is intact.

12.      Curl each individual strip as you did the beard.
13.      Glue each row; one on top of the other, until it meets the brow line.
14.      Continue on the opposite side.
15.      Glue down the face.

Santa Hat:
1.      Cut 4 even slits (4.5 inches apart) and 5” long into a full sheet of red 12X18" construction paper.
2.      Glue the base to the Santa face about 1” above brow line.

3.      Using a 2.5 inch strip of white paper, cut a wavy line and adhere just above the brow line to the face and hat.

Step 1

Step 2 and 3


Step 6


4.      Bringing the edges together; staple once at the bottom and then again at the top of the head.

5.      Fold the two sides of the hat inward and tuck in.
6.      Take the remaining two sides, staple together and cut into a triangular shape. Add a white circle at the end.
7.      You’re done!

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