Kid’s Craft: Easy Tinsel Garland Christmas Wreath

Create a very simple, yet elegant wreath using tinsel garland. This craft takes about 10 minutes to make and is great to give as a gift. It is even easy enough for the 6+ crowd to create!

Classified: Very Easy
1.      12’ Green tinsel garland
2.      I used a Styrofoam wreath (about 12” diameter), however, you can cut a round piece of sturdy cardboard out to use as a wreath skeleton.
3.      Glue Gun and glue sticks
4.      Poinsettia bush
5.      I used bells, but you can add any Christmas type trinket that you’d like
6.      Fabric Glue if working with younger children
1.      Note: If you decide to use a sturdy piece of cardboard, make sure to cut out a circle with a hole in it. Make it about 1.5” thick around. Example:
2.      Start by gluing the end piece to the wreath skeleton by using a glue gun. Note: only parents use the glue gun!!!
3.      Wrap the tinsel garland around the entire wreath. The tighter you go the “thicker” the wreath. Be aware that if you chose to make a thicker wreath you will need more than one tinsel garland.
4.      Parents: glue the end with the glue gun to the back of the wreath.
5.      Parents: cut the flowers off of the Poinsettia bush.
6.      Arrange the Poinsettia flowers around the wreath. Do not glue down until satisfied.
7.      If you chose you can add another Christmas trinket to the wreath. I used bells. Place onto wreath and arrange accordingly.
8.      Once satisfied with the arrangement glue into place. Parents: you can use a glue gun for a stronger hold. However, children can use white fabric glue the objects into place. It just takes a lot longer to dry.
9.      Once dry, hang with wreath hanger or give away as a gift.

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