Kid’s Craft: Christmas Marbled Hand Wreath

Create a keepsake Christmas Wreath by using your child’s hand, and a very easy marbling technique.

Classified: Easy
1.       Green and Red Construction Paper
2.       Pencil
3.       Scissors
4.       Glue Stick
5.       Marbles (5-8 of them will do)
6.       A Shoe Box
7.       Green Acrylic Paint
8.       White Acrylic Paint
9.       Red Acrylic Paint
10.   Red Garage Sale Stickers (optional)
11.   Tape
12.   Contact Paper to preserve (optional)

1.       Trace your child’s hand onto a green sheet of construction paper.  Cut out and use this as a stencil. Trace and cut out hand until you have a total of 6 hands. Note: If your child is old enough, allow him to trace and cut his own hand.
2.       To Create the Marble Station: This is so easy and fun to do! Lightly tape down one of your hand cut-outs into the bottom center of the shoe box (or any other small lidded box would suffice).  Gently Squeeze the White Acrylic Paint along two edges of the bottom of the box. Then gently squeeze the Green Acrylic Paint along the unoccupied edges of the box. Place Marbles inside the box, place the lid securely on and shake. My children and I usually sing a “Shake! Shake! Shake!” jingle to set us in the mood!
3.       Repeat until all hands look marbled.
4.       Dry.
5.       Once completely dry, glue together in a circle by the palm of the hands.
6.       Make berries by dipping the child’s finger into red paint and “dot” around the wreath – or – use blank, red garage sale stickers – or – both.
7.       Trace and cut bow – or click on the image to the right to print and color bow, cut and adhere onto Christmas Marbled Hand Wreath.
8.       Write child’s name, date and age on back for a keepsake.
9.       Laminate with contact paper if desired.

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