6 month old not sitting yet!

Being a mother of 3, I find it very hard at times NOT to compare one child to another. Yes, I know that all the experts and great parenting books out there will tell you not to and that it will drive you insane if you do. Thank goodness I am already insane, because I do secretly compare one child to another in my clan and to other clans as well.

Is it evil that I do so? Well, yes- but I usually just do the comparison in my head and never aloud. For instance, my little man at 6 months of age was not sitting unassisted for more than 30 seconds at a time. Was I worried? Yes! So worried that I thought it was noteworthy to mention it at his 6 month check up. So worried that I dove into my previous children's baby book to see when they sat up alone. My daughter was 4 months old, and my eldest son was 6 months. Why panic then? Because I recall that my eldest could and would sit unassisted for long periods of time.

The peds assured me that my little man is just active- that it's not that he can't do it- he just refuses to practice. It also doesn't help that he is a larger baby (21 lbs. wide and 29.5" long)! They recommended exercising his core muscles to strengthen his back so he can site more efficiently. But how does a mother of a very active 6 month old ensure that he gets the practice in?

Strap him in! The first thing I started doing was placing him in his highchair and giving him toys to play with while I put the dishes away. This way he can not move or flop himself over. He usually lasts about 5 minutes before he protested.

The next thing I did was obtained a Bumbo Baby Seat, Blue. I know, I know- this is my third child and I just got this now! I really never had a reason to use it before- my first and second born would sit (or try) to with a few toys placed in front of him or her. This child throws himself to the floor the very second he is placed into a sitting position- regardless of what toy I used!

We are now approaching the 7 month mark and have been exercising his core for two weeks or so. Once balanced he can sit unassisted for about 2 minutes before he thinks to himself "Forget this lady- I'm making a break for it!" Where he then throws himself to the floor and rolls and scoots forward to get his wiggles out. It's not what my other two were doing, but hey, we're getting there!

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