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Free Printable Behavior Charts  Free printable behavior, chore, potty charts and more with lots of helpful parenting tips and information!
Behavior Modification is simply one of the best approaches one can take as a parent (and teacher). Instead of always correcting your child for improper behavior, try reinforcing the good. In conjunction with a time-out, a behavior modification chart can be a powerful tool to “re-teach” your child acceptable behavior. 

One way I use them is with my 4 year old son who has a premature love for video games. Instead of always saying "no," I have a chart set up for him. By completing chores, displaying exceptional behavior, and finishing homework, he can earn stickers on his chart. When he earns 10 stickers he can play one video game. This chart allows him to see when it is an appropriate time to ask to play a video game and eliminates the nagging (for the most part. He is 4.)
The Free Printable Behavior Charts Web site offers tips and charts for children ages 3+ in areas of behavior, anger, potty training, chores, homework and much, much more! Filled with information on parenting and classroom management, this Web site is simply a one-stop resource for both parents and teachers alike! I have used their charts in my house as well as in my classroom. Enjoy!

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