Ode to the MIA Sock

By: Yours Truly

So, I count my feet,
One and two.
All is present,
Including my shoes.

Everything is fine.
I go about my day.
Nothing to worry about-
Until I heard my socks say……………………

Sock number one
Spoke to sock number two-
“Want to escape to Tibet?
Or Timbuktu?”

“We can race against time;
Learn how to fly?
We can swim in the oceans-
Wait! Why do you cry?”

Sock number two
Holds back his tears and whispers to one
“I’m scared to leave my friend,
Although it sounds like fun!”

“I have too much to offer,
I have too much to lose.
But, you can go on your way
If you ever so chose.”

Later that day,
When the spin cycle began
Sock number one
Executed his plan.

Was he snatched by a troll?
Did he escape through the drain?
Was there a sock fairy involved?
It’s driving me insane!

How did it happen?
Nobody knows!
Only thing now
Is I have really cold toes.

So, I count my feet
One and two-
Only one sock accounted for…………
Now where are my shoes?

Sadly enough, back in the day I used to write poetry all the time and have been published on a few occasions. I now only write when I am inspired, Apparently, today was the day!
http://www.poetry.com/- Free poetry contests- perhaps I should submit this one? Tee Hee!

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