Kid’s Craft: Warhol Portraits

Andy Warhol is a contemporary “Pop” artist mostly known for his Campbell Soup Cans and depictions of Marilyn Monroe. In this lesson you will be taking your child’s photograph and, using watercolors, painting it with complementary colors. Good way to introduce primary and secondary colors as well. Fun lesson to do with children for moms, preschool and art teachers!
Remember, for younger children it’s the process not the product that counts! Please note: Knowledge of computer and digital camera required.
Classified: Easy
1.      Computer
2.      Printer
3.      Digital image of child or photograph and scanner.
4.      Printer paper or card stock- white.
5.      Printing software. In this case I just used Windows Print Pictures Wizard.
6.      Water color paints
7.      Black fine tip marker
8.      Paper cutter, glue stick and black construction paper (optional)

1.      Using printing software, print a black and white copy of your child’s portrait. Set it to wallet size (9).  You may have to bump up the “copies of each picture” to nine, so the entire page is filled with the portrait. If you did not take the photo in black and white- no fret! Simply go to your printer’s settings and adjust the print job to black and white! Print.
2.      For younger kids talk about primary colors (2-6); for older children talk about secondary colors (5-7); for the advanced (children 8 and up; including mamas) talk about complementary colors.
3.      Paint in each portrait accordingly using water colors.
4.      When completely dry- either you (mom/teacher) trace face with black marker (optional). Older kids can do this by themselves.
5.      Optional: Cut out each portrait and glue it to black construction paper to create a border.
6.      For the much older crowd (middle school-high school): get more advanced by teaching them how to use the digital camera, print 8X10’s and have them get more involved. Example, see Warhol’s http://www.moma.org/collection/browse_results.php?object_id=79809 Have them paint each portrait differently in detail.
Anthony age 4

Links of the day:
http://www.webexhibits.org/colorart/marilyns.html- Warhol’s’ Marilyn Monroe artwork.
Notes: Primary Colors- Red, Yellow and Blue (or magenta, yellow and cyan)
Secondary colors: Green, Purple and Orange.
Complimentary colors: Orange & Blue, Red & Green, Purple & Yellow

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