Kids Craft: Paper Mache Thanksgiving Turkey

Kids Craft: Paper Mache Thanksgiving Turkey
I did this with my kids last year when they were 3 and 18 months. Yes, I obviously helped my little girl a lot- she did enjoy painting the body of the turkey ;-)
Classified: Medium
1.      Paper Mache Recipe (see below)
2.      Balloon
3.      *News paper or news print (I prefer)
4.      Brown Acrylic Paint
5.      Paint Brushes or Sponge Brush
6.      Turkey Template
7.      Pencil
8.      Scissors
9.      Red, Orange, Yellow and/or Brown Construction Paper
10.  Google Eyes- optional
11.  Black marker
12.  Sewing Pins
13.  Bowl
14.  Cardboard Box (cereal, tissue, any kind of recycled box)
15.  White Glue and glue stick.

Paper Mache Recipe:
·         1 part flour to one part water. For a stronger mold add some white glue.

Steps (Paper Mache body)
1.      Blow up a balloon about 10” in diameter.
2.      Mix Paper Mache mix into a bowl.
3.      Tear strips of newspaper/news print
4.      Dip strips into paper Mache mix, and apply to balloon. *NOTE: strips of paper should be damped not soaked.
5.      Do at least three layers.
6.      May take 24 or more hours to dry.
7.      Cut out a 3” diameter hole in the narrow part of the balloon. This is to provide a base.
8.      Paint brown.

Steps for Turkey head:
1.      Print out template. I cut down a brown piece of construction paper to 8.5x11” and printed it directly on there. You can just print it out on a piece of computer paper and use as a stencil.
2.      Cut the head of the turkey head out (brown construction paper) and glue it to a piece of scrap cardboard. Cut the cardboard out around turkey head. This is to make the head and neck sturdier.
3.      Trace and cut beak (orange) and wattle (red). Glue wattle first then bend the beak at the dotted line. Glue the flap over the top of the wattle so the beak appears 3D.
4.      Glue google eyes.
5.      Write “NAME’s Thankful For” on turkey’s neck.
6.      Allow time to dry.

Steps for feathers:
1.      Cut out 5 or more feathers (I used orange and brown)
2.      Write on each feather what you are thankful for.
3.      Fan out the feathers and glue the ends together; then adhere the sides together with a glue stick.
Steps to assemble turkey:
1.      Once all pieces are dry, glue the back of the turkey neck and hold it up to the flat side of the paper Mache body. Under the wattle, insert a sewing pin to hold in place until dry (adult only!)
2.      Glue the wing spread and adhere to paper Mache body opposite from the turkey head. Insert a sewing pin into feather span to hold tail into place until dry (adult only).
3.      Perfect for a gift!

My 3 year old and 18 month old creations

Link of the day:

http://www.kidzone.ws/animals/turkey.htm - fun facts about turkeys!


  1. This is so cool! I love it! Now I know what to give on my little brother's birthday

  2. That's awesome! It's a lot of fun to make- Enjoy ;-)

  3. So cute! Love the 'things to be thankful for'! Thanks for sharing on our linkup!


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