Kid’s Craft: Halloween Bat Cupcakes

So I am typically not a baker. I LOVE to cook, but baking is not my thing. My chitlins kept insisting that we make “bat cupcakes.” So I gave in…………………………………
Classified: Medium (Just due to the fact that it takes some time)
1.      Whatever cupcake mix you chose. Hey if you’re a baker- go nuts and make it from scratch!
2.      Baking material: bowls, cup cake pan and whatever you need to make your cup cakes.
3.      Chocolate frosting!
4.      M&M’s, Reese’s  Pieces or some small chocolate candy that can be used as eyes
5.      Black decorating sparkles I used Wilton’s Black Cake Sparkles 
6.      Black decorating gel
7.      Chocolate melts
8.      Bowl to melt chocolate melts in microwave
9.      Wax paper
11.  Tape
12.  Scissors
13.  Plastic bag or frosting piping bag
14.  Cookie Sheet- to make chocolate bats.

1.      Make cupcakes according to directions and allow time to cool. Pretty simple huh?
2.      Print out Bat Template. I printed 2 sheets.
3.      Tape Bat Template sheets to cookie sheet.
4.      Tear off a piece of wax paper long enough to fit your cookie sheet and tape over the bat template.
5.      Parents: Melt chocolate melts in the microwave. Please Note: Melts do not appeared “melted” until they are stirred. It should not take any longer than two minutes depending on how your microwave works. IT WILL BE HOT! PLEASE BE CAREFUL! A hurt mommy is a sad mommy!
6.      Stir chocolate melts and pour into piping bag or plastic storage bag. *** Note: If using a plastic storage bag, cut a very small corner out of the bag.*** TIP: If chocolate begins to harden in the bag, place under warm water until melted (again).
7.      Trace the templates with the chocolate, quickly placing the eyes the candy eyes before each bat dries.
8.      Repeat until all are traced. Once complete place in fridge to cool.
9.      Frost cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
10.  Sprinkle with black decorating sparkles to make the bat appear “furry.”
11.  Take chocolate bat molds out of fridge and careful remove from the wax paper. Place the bats onto the cupcake.
12.  Draw details onto bat; eyeballs, nose, inside ears and outlines on bat wings with decorating gel.
13.  Watch out- they’re yummy.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post on the Halloween Traditions link up! So cute!


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