Kid’s Craft: Frankenstein Face- Paper Sculpture

Kid’s Craft: Frankenstein Face- Paper Sculpture
This is a project that I loved completing with my fourth grade class as self-portraits. I adapted it for a Halloween theme.
Classified: Easy
1.      Green, Brown and Black 12x18” Construction Paper
2.      Template (download here)
3.      Scissors
4.      Glue Stick
5.      Black Marker
6.      Tape

2.      Fold a piece of 12x18” Green Construction Paper in half the long way.

3.      Trace and cut the Eyes (x2), Screws (x2), Shirt Collar (x2), Hair (x2) and mouth onto black construction paper.
4.      Trace nose and ears (optional) onto brown construction paper, cut out.
5.      Ideas for hair: trim hair about ¾ way down, about ¼ apart.

6.      Ideas for Eyes: Fold and cut an inner circle to make eyeballs.
7.      Assembly the face using the glue stick and keep the center fold as a guideline (see picture.) Tips: Only glue the top of the nose. To make 3D, fold and only glue the edge of the screws and ears.
8.      I drew in scares- you can add eyebrows or other features to his face.

9.      Once dry, roll and bring edges together and tape.
10.      Lightly fold face in the opposite direction of the original fold.

Modifications: for slightly older children, have them trace and cut their own patterns. For younger children it is easier to cut the pieces out for them.

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