Kid’s Craft: Cornucopia Paper Craft

If you were around for the Halloween Craft “Frankenstein Face Paper Sculpture,” then you are well aware that I am a fan of paper crafts. The Frankenstein Face was a very easy beginner paper craft; this one however, is a little more detailed.  This project is best suited for ages 7 and older.
Classified: Medium- only due to the length of time that it takes.
What you need:
  • Construction Paper: 1 Large sheet brown- orange-yellow-green-purple-red
  • White Glue
  • Glue Sticks
  • Tape
  • Some sort of weight to weigh down the horn of the cornucopia.
  • Twist tie
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook Scissors (optional)

 What to do:
Steps for Cornucopia

1.      Bring together the opposite ends of large sheet of brown construction paper, (long way) roll.
2.      Glue edges and scrunch together end.
3.      Glue end- hold in place with twist tie.
4.      Allow to dry.
5.      Once dry, remove twist tie.
Steps for pumpkin, apple, gourds (or any other simple round fruit/vegetable):
1.      Cut paper into strips (4). In this case I will show the pumpkin. I cut the strips wavy to add texture.
2.      Using glue sticks, glue strips into shape of an asterisk.
4.      Bring opposite ends together and glue one on top of another.
6.      Allow to dry.
7.      Cut stem and leaves- glue together. Fold the stem at ¼ towards the bottom and glue to the top of the fruit/vegetable (apple shown).
Steps to create grapes:
1.      Using either purple or green paper, cut into small strips. Roll and glue with glue stick. Repeat.
3.      To create the grape paper sculpture, start by gluing the grape paper loops side by side- creating a cascading pattern that would resemble a bunch of grapes. (Basic grape "skeleton")
4.      Allow time to dry.
5.      Build on to the grape "skeleton" by using grape loops and white glue to form a bunch of grapes.
7.      Cut a stem out of brown paper. You can add leaves –or- roll a thin strip of green paper around a pencil to create a vine.

Steps for creating a pear, squash, eggplant, etc.
1.      Cut three strips of paper. In this case I did a yellow pear.
2.      Roll each strip, each progressively getting smaller than the next.
3.      Glue together, one on top of the other, making a “snowman.”
4.      Allow to dry.
5.      Cut and glue strips onto bottom of the “snowman” looking sculpture.
6.      Glue middle of strip onto the middle loop of the “snowman” like sculpture. I held it together with a piece of tape until it dried. Once dry, remove tape and follow to next step.
7.      Glue the remainder of the strips together on the top of the last of the "snowman" (smallest loop). Cut and add stem by creating a small fold and gluing it to the top of the pear, squash, eggplant, etc.
8.     Dry.
Steps for creating carrots or peas. I made a carrot.
1.      Cut 4-6 strips- each progressively getting smaller.
2.      Glue together; largest to the smallest.
3.      Cut leafs out and slightly fold and glue to the top of the carrot.
Steps for Cornucopia Assembly:
1.      You may want to cut some leaves out of paper to act as a “filler.”
2.      Glue weight into the horn of the cornucopia. I used an empty paint bottle and glued it to the bottom of the horn so it would not roll as I placed the fruits and vegetables into place.
3.      Assemble first, glue later. Arrange the fruit and vegetable inside your cornucopia to how you like. Once satisfied with your arrangement, glue together using white glue.
4.  Dry- as you see mine was in the process of drying while photographed! 


  1. Oh, thank you so much for posting this!! This is EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!!!

  2. I am so glad! Send me a picture when it is finished- I would love to see it ;-)

  3. Very cool how you made everything out of paper! I love cornucopias but you don't see very many of them being crafted, what a beautiful centerpiece This would be :)

    Aleacia @ Dilly-Dali Art

  4. This is ever so cute!! I love the apple :)


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