Kid’s Craft: Bat Mobile

Kid’s Craft: Bat Mobile
Classified: Hard.  

This project has multiple steps and takes some time to complete. It requires a lot of adult help and preparation but is a great way to work with your child as a team to build together! You can download the template HERE or be creative and draw your own bat parts! You can prepare the bat parts by precutting them – or- (if you have older children) they can trace and cut the parts out themselves. This project is a great way to teach your children about bats while increasing fine motor skills, patience and creativity!

1.     Paper Towel Tube
2.     Black Acrylic Paint
3.     Black construction paper
4.     Masking Tape
5.     Scraps of Yellow and Pink Construction Paper
6.     Paint Brushes and Palette
7.     White Glue and glue stick
8.     Sewing Pins
9.     Scissors
10.                        White Crayon
11.                        Templates
12.                        Black Sewing Thread
13.                        SMOCK!!!!

What to do:

  1. With paper towel roll in hand, twist a section of the tube about ¼ down and tape with masking tape. If you have older children they can do this under your direction.

  2. Using the opposite end, cut two slits, fold in and tape to create a flat surface for the bat’s face.

  3. Have your children paint the tube sculpture black. I prefer using black acrylic paint because it is denser than tempera paint and requires fewer coats. WARNING: it stains- use a smock!!!!

  4. While bat tube sculpture is drying, create the bat face. Using glue sticks; glue the face, eyes, ears and nose. Draw on a moth if preferred.

  5. Assembly #1: Glue the back of the bat face with white glue and press firmly onto the flat side of the bat tube sculpture. Hold in place with a sewing pin by gently pushing straight through the face and tube.

  6. Assembly #1 cont.: Take each wing and join together in the center of the body. Using white glue and sewing pin, adhere the wings to the body.

  7. Allow to dry.

  8. Bat gang: If you have older children, have them trace and cut out the smaller bats. With a white crayon, draw faces onto them.

  9. Assembly #2: Once completely dry, tape (or glue) the black sewing thread to one bat gang to the bat body. Repeat as necessary. The main hanging thread; cut a 10” piece of thread and glue the center in between the two wings. Allow 24 hours to dry. When complete, hang and enjoy!

Links of the day:
http://bats4kids.org/ - Read all the interesting facts about bats in this site that makes it easy for kids to understand!

http://www.batworld.org/kids_page/kids_page.html - Bat World Sanctuary. Read about bats, watch kid friendly videos, and even adopt a bat!

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