Condition: Infantitis

Definition: Infantitis is a condition that usually results after the birth of a baby. However, in some cases, it can be present towards the end of pregnancy when the fetus completely takes control over a woman’s body.

Duration: Typically birth- 21, or, whenever your legal responsibility has expired. In some extreme cases, as when you produce a male offspring, the condition can continue until your death.

1.      Head Ache
2.      Insomnia
3.      Hair Loss
4.      Weight Loss (can’t find time to eat) or Weight Gain (nibbling too much on kid food)
5.      Altered Mental Status
6.      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (from repeatedly cleaning the same thing over and over)
7.      Dry Mouth (from repeating yourself continuously)

Prevention:  To date there are no clear findings to suggest any prevention in Infantitis aside from having your head examined. Until there is more known about the condition, it is strongly advised that you enjoy the parenting ride.

Link of the day: To find out about "real" diseases and conditions, visit: http://www.cdc.gov/ - Center for Disease Control and Prevention Web site.

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