Raising Boys vs. Girls

If women are from Venus, and men are from Mars- then little boys are from Uranus. Literally. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my little men. Boys are just so much more, well boys. And why can’t we let boys be boys?
Today, as part of my son’s field trip for school we went to a pumpkin farm. Yes on a Sunday. We did all sorts of fun things- we looked for pumpkins, went on rides, and ate some fat, greasy, expensive chicken fingers. We also went on a horse drawn carriage ride where my son decided that a seemingly harmless booger had to make its debut into the world. Why? Because he can. Because he has no problem doing it, any time, any place.  Okay, so maybe a part of me is jealous; but a big part of me was mortified. Trust me, I taught him all about tissues and set daily examples by using them myself. He just, well is a boy.
My 2 year old daughter can sit for an hour or so and quietly keep herself occupied playing with her ponies, dolls or puzzles. My 4 year old son bounces around, mimics what he sees on TV. and everything is a gun or a drum. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t acquire brothers until I was 12 or so (and they were 12 or older), or that my little boy went from Uranus to my uterus, that  I just can’t seem to figure out their quirks. I find that my husband has a harder time dealing with my daughter because he was raised with 2 younger brothers. I personally feel that my daughter is a breath of fresh air. (Remind me to read this when she is 14.)
Maybe its nature vs. nurture? First born vs. second born? Boy vs. girl? Different personalities? Whatever it is my children are two different breeds of human.  My son is more emotional, cuddlier, and more compassionate. Yet he is lazier, whinier and has a harder time verbally expressing his feelings. My daughter is more independent, more strong-willed and is more laid back. Yet she is bossier, sassy and has the record for the loudest scream ever produced by a two-year old girl.
My third born (5 mo. boy) fits the description of every boy/man- he is 100% a mamma's boy!
Whatever the difference, I love all three of my children and they are my life!
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http://www.babycenter.com/0_nose-picking_11560.bc -Baby Center’s guide to stop nose picking. I read it twice.

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