Kid’s Craft: 3D Ghosts

Kid’s Craft: 3D Ghosts
I love utilizing the ‘things’ that we have lying around the house. This project is great for kids 2-6 and helps them with fine motor skills as well as sensory awareness. You could also talk about contrast (the white ghost against the black background.)
1.     Black construction paper
2.     White crayon
3.     Glue
4.     Cotton balls
5.     Scissors
What you need to do:

1.     Draw a ghost figure with a white crayon onto a black sheet of construction paper. Younger children: make the ghost smaller and less detailed. Older children: use a larger sheet of construction paper and make the ghost more detailed (example: have fingers).

2.     Apply glue to the outline and inside of the ghost. Help younger children with this step and allow the older ones to do it solo (Helps with fine motor skills).

3.     Take the cotton balls and pull them apart. Talk about how it feels (sensory): is it soft? Fluffy? What does it remind you of? Let your child answer and see how imaginative they can be.
4.     Place the cotton onto the glued areas only.
5.     Cut out eyes and mouth.
6.     Allow to dry before hanging.

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