H1N1 –e-i-e-i-Oh No!

So I’m not perfect. And I make bad, no, terrible judgment calls sometimes. Like the other day when my children needed their annual flu/H1N1 vaccine. When I made the appointment, the very kind receptionist declared “we will schedule them at the same time to make life easier!” Perhaps she meant that it would make her job easier and my life more dramatic.
So we arrived at Dr.’s office at the scheduled time, with my husband in hand, and went straight to the waiting room to get this over with. My oldest son (4) said “I want you to hold me mommy.” My daughter (2) exclaimed “And I want daddy to hold me!” Our names were then called and we foolishly decided to ALL go back into the room together as a family as if it were a trip to Disney.
The instant the door shut behind us, my daughter tweaked out. I explained to the ice-in-her-veins nurse, that since my daughter was all ready upset, we might as well as do her first. Somehow I ended up holding her as the needle entered her tiny arm. She screamed. My oldest son screamed. I’m pretty sure all of Western New York heard us.  
Once they both calmed down it was then my son’s turn. Yup, he took it like a true man.  He screamed and cried like a baby and it took 3 of us to hold him down. (Why three people? At 4 years old my son is 55 lbs and 3 feet 9 inches tall. Needless to say he is a bulldozer.) So there it happened again- my son screamed. My daughter screamed. The baby screamed. I laughed. What? It was kinda funny to witness it. Once I had everyone calmed done once again, I looked at the nurse and said “I have no idea how you do this all day long.” She said nothing and smiled.
To leave the patient room, you have to walk through the waiting room once again. At this point my children (now calmed down) were laughing and cheerful again. Upon entering the waiting area, I noticed a 10 year old weeping. At first I thought it was sympathy for me and MY dramatic experience, until he started blowing snots and muttering that he doesn’t want to have this shot done. Because I am who I am, I looked at the boy’s mother, apologized and stated that they should invest in a sound-proof room. She gave a kind chuckle, and said she has heard louder. I am pretty sure she was just being kind.
Thank goodness Flu shots are only once a year.
Websites of the day: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/recs/schedules/child-schedule.htm -“2010 Child & Adolescent Immunization Schedules for persons aged 0-6 years, 7-18 years, and ‘catch-up schedule’”
http://children.webmd.com/vaccines/default.htm - Learn about what vaccines your child needs, why and when they should receive them.

And a little FYI: http://www.ehow.com/how_15992_soundproof-room.html- How to make a sound proof room by eHow.

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